Montag, 26. März 2012

Hi everyone out there ♥
I made up another layout for my blog :3 I got kinda bored of that pinky-princess-stuff :D so a darker design for now ♥ what do you think? ;)

Okay about this weekend: My boyfriend and I wanted to do something outside because it was such a wonderful weather ♥ we went inline skating :3 the world is turning sooo beautiful in springtime *-* finally it looks like spring is here 2 :D

cherry tree in our street ♥
Daaaaaarling~ ♥ (he's looking right into the sun XD)
At night we went clubbing (as I told u in my post) with some friends~ originally we were 4 (myself, darling, my best friend & her boyfriend) but when we got there Lisa (my darlings best friend) and Maren (good friend of Lisa but we know here too ^^) waited for us that was quite surprising.. because Lisa told us that she doesn't have time and stuff... but all in all it was fun.
Lisa - myself - Maren
I forgot to take pics y_y so we made some funny mirror posing stuff before going home. Michi and her boyfriend Sebastian went home early because he worked until 10 o'clock and was really tired ._.' but I was glad they showed up for me ♥ We somehow need to find some better place for clubbing... people there were soooo boring and everyone keeps staring at my ass >0> *blabla* my darling is going wild because of that he's always staring them doooown :'D Michi and I were jumping to the title melody of Adventures of the Gummi Bears XD it was soooo funny but everyone kept staring at us like WTFARETHEYDOING y_y~ but the DJ loved us HAH >D

From time to time some famous people visit the Discoplex and so was it too... but it was some kind of an C...D....E....famous XDD he's called Porno Klaus and he's only a bit famous because he was in some Big Brother Season and tried to win a castingshow, I didn't know him though XD the only great thing about it: He came with a PINK LIMOUSINE ♥
I love it :D I want to drive withg something like that in the future too X3 Okay that's it about Saturday :* on sunday we only went to my cousins 4th birthday.. it was kinda boring and my boyfriend kept playing with the kids the whole tim (he's good with kids XD) and there was a bitchy ugly lil babysitter who kept flirting at MY darling grrrr~ he was so amused that I got jealos because he said she's totally ugly and stuff but it was so OBVIOUS such a boring~stupid type (she never even had a boyfriend until now and she's like 19) my aunt was like aaaw she's such a nice and good girl... well nice and good girl then stop that sweet-talk with my darling *growl*

Okay last but not least that was my kinda selfmade outfit I was wearing on saturday ♥ I have to go to work now see ya soon :3
I already wrecked the >>I<< of my belt grr XD and ripped my beloved stockings y_y


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