Freitag, 23. März 2012

Hey guys! Birthday's over and I found time to write a small something ♥

My birthday wasn't that special this year~ I already got my present from my boyfriend last week *which I showed u :P* and my parents didn't plan on giving me a present 'cause they paid the whole skiing holiday~ that was somehow my x-mas and birthday present!

On tuesday (which actually WASmy b-day XD) we met up with my parents to go to the cinema~ just chillin' a bit because everyone had to work on wednesday ._.' before that my darlin' and me went to the shopping mall next to the cinema, I needed something for my cousin, she's turning 4 this sunday, but I didn't find anything great >_> I was looking for a special board game... well my aunt gets something for her now.. it's better like this because she is a special girl and it's kinda hard to find something XD *even if she's 4 years old she's a bit behind... that's why it's not that easy to find something that's entertaining and practical for her :/* annnd I wasn't allowed to buy her a nice doll I wanted to get ò.ó my aunt scold me "That's to expensive! 'r u crazy?!?!?" XD

Ok~ as my b-day was on a workday we will go clubbin' on saturday ♥ with my best friend & her boyfriend :3 and maybe the daughter of our landlord will join us with her bf too... but that's not sure yet. But that aside I wanted an outift!! ò.ó I don't really have many clothes in my wardrobe because I threw away a lot of things recently v.v' stuff that was too small or quite old and embarassing XD~ but I soooo fell in love with the D.I.A style thed last weeks and was drooling over Kitai's Pics a lot (sorry for that ahahaha) But they are 1) verrry eypensive q_q, I'm 2) really unlucky on getting those XD everytime I found soe on gyaru-sales I'm too late >_>' and 3)I'm out of money anyway right now y_y

I paid for our egypt vacation and well.... 680€ *poooooouf* -> no more money QxQ but I wanted a (at least) kinda-D.I.A-inspired Look for saturday so I thought what I could do~

Because I have such a lovely co-worker I was able to get me a  cheap top in black and printed something in gold on it ♥ I will show it 2 you tomorrow with the whole Outfit I came up with... Also I own a black shorts from my gothic-girly times that matches perfectly >:D now I needed a BELT as I FUCKING LOVE those belts Q_Q~... had some brown leopard fur left *yes* now I will get me some chains and decorations tomorrow *which I can get quite cheap from a creativity market here ♥* just some fluffy stuff left and I have my kinda-D.I.A-inspired-belt-thingy :'D I'm looking forward to ypur opinions on it tomorrow ^-^

Well all that's left are shoes.... I realized: I don't own any matching shoes no heels and no boots waaaah XD they are all brown and beige colored because I did some kind of sweet LizLisa style hauls the last months v.v I think I will sell some stuff on gyaru-com-sales the next days because some just don't fit me that well (or at least my style... it seems I'm not the type for really cutie girly flowerish and poofy... at least in some ways I wanted to get~ also I have 2 packages of palty creamy caramel which I wanna sell.... but later...

oky~ so I will go shopping tomorrow and maaaybe hopefully get everything I need want here a small sneak peek of my belt how it looks right now ;)

see ya tomorrow ♥ 


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