Freitag, 6. April 2012

Hi you guys~ how are y'all? ♥

I thought I should get my lazy as up for an entry... well there didn't happen that much but at least I wanted to tell you about my MARVELOUS day in Würzburg ^-^

I take part in an internet forum called "german gyaru lover" which is (what you MAY can guess from the title) a forum full of german speaking people who are into that scene~ not all of 'em are living it out but they like and discuss it :) I really wanted to meet up with some gals in Oberhausen in march.. but sadly I was out of money and it is about 3 hours by car to get there ._.' so I canceled it ;O;' but I DEFINITELY will get there this summer XD~ *or at least we will surely have a meetup in Düsseldorf ♥ *still hoping* *

Okay~ then some time Kitai came up asking if someonw wants to meet up with her, Lisa and Vicki in Würzburg and I so wanted XD~ I found someone who worked for me that day *thanks a lot dear ♥* and because my darling had something to do that day I was able to go ^.^~ Some of you might know KitaiFi? :3 I was reading her blog a while and was quite surprised that she's in this forum~ I admire her style soo much *~*.. *cough* alright.. since I wanted to drive there with my car I had to fill it up (36 liters => 60 euro y0y) and woke up early in the morning to get ready~ somehow I felt like some kind of a crazy stalker XD~ but she was really nice to me~ I'm relieved because I know many people that named me some kind of a copycat just because you liked something they did 2 -.-' so one of the first things I want to clear up is the attitude of people I meet :3

1st fail this day: I fucked up the power transformer I got for my LizLisa iron yay... XD~ but I can still use it *luckyme* only that stupid adapter broke. So I made my MakeUp and Hair and was quite pleased with it :3 the LizLisa iron is... amazing @.@ I took a small streak of my hair to curl it *it's actually a combo: straightening and curling iron* then thought I should take a bigger one and released it... the streak was in the iron for like... 2 second and was perfectly curled XDDD'' my face kinda looked like this: O0O' kay~

the day before I made me an other belt because my first one broke y-y' (it was alright the whole night and then when I wanted to get out of the car @home it got stucked in the seat y0y'~ now it isn't a D.I.A but a D. . A belt XD' but it's alright since it was  only made for that one dance night~) the new one was with zebra fakefur.. I messed up a bit and made the fur part to big but as I don't own a sewing machine right now *it's broken and I don't have the money for a new one...* I wasn't able to change it that fast. But it looked quite ok I think~

2nd fail this day was the price for filling up my car y0y' BOOM there went my last money~ and 'cause I had to drive 2 hours by car I decided to get me something to drink before starting my journey.. right inside I got a call from Kitai, she asked me if I could pick her up since the bus had a crazy timetable oô well that was alright for me but sadly I didn't know what kind of journey I would have to do until I would reach her home!

I tested my new navigation system and it was really great but... it seemed that the highway was stuck so I drove ver hills and through a beauuuutifull.... landscape... really great.. no people but lots of cows, sheeps and stuff XD~ I was talking to myself like WTF WHERE AM I Q__Q the whole time XD~ I was so glad when I finally reached Kitais home~ and GROAR I'm so envious of her top XD I wanted that to but she was faster (everyone is faster than me when it comes to D.I.A stuff y_y) sadly Lisa and Ramona canceled so we we're originally 3 people.. but Vicki brought a friend of her along (I think his name wass Simon?) so we were 4 and it was fun after all. And I was sooo sorry as they had to wait for us a whole hour at the train station >,< I really didn't know that I would have to drive that long >_>'

3rd fail was about the weather... we had such nice weather the last weeks y_y sunny, warm and all great for meetups.. only that day it was all cloudy and rainy *groar* we walked throught the city, visited the asian market and sat inside a sushi restaurant (or more a takeaway I think? It was rather small..) the tables were so small and everything was narrow xD' but somehow even a bigger (kinda scary) group managed to sit next to us... I think it was a My little Pony meetup... so funny bcause: Only 2 Girls but at least 8 guys? XD~ One was wearing a rainbow dash t-shirt.. and the girl... she was all white and pink, acting so bossy but childish at the same time (I think she was about my age? XD but dressed like a 5 year old xD' no offense to decora kei but she WASN'T anything like that.. or if she wantedt to be... sorry: scary wannabe look-a-like was everything I could think of.. She was looking inside of the other fatty girls shirt and they chatted about her bra all in front of those guys and Simon was laughing so hard XDD~

Best part of that day was inside of a mexican restaurant... some friends of Kitai joined us and we talked a lot~ we took some pics with my inside cam of my iphne so they look quite crappy y_y

Looking fat in this I know XD I blowed up my cheeks.. somehow I had some finger problems XD~ I was holding up my finger the whole time while photoghraphing~ Because there were such bad lightning the pics came out reaaaaally crappy y_y but I'm happy we made some!

Also Vicki didn't want to make pics ;_; maybe next time~

You can't see it to well on those pics but I got some party of my hair bleached.. it turned out quite caramel looking but sadly not exactly the color I wanted it to be... those german hair stylists really don't have clue how do do that -.- it's a pity!
Sometimes I really wish I could find a good hair stylist and also someone who makes me great looking deco nails in germany y0y' if you happen to find someone around Heidelberg tell me XD (eep.. and I badddddlyyyy want lower lashes y_y *just saying* XD)

After the restaurant we went to the "Volksfest" which literally means folk festival I think? I used to like 'em very much but I was feeling a bit sick after eating a pink donut (again XD) and some candy~ so I didn't want to test out the things there :'D also Vicki and Simon had to get there train at 18:37 so we decided to go back to the train station... let me tell you it's reaaally narrow inside my car with 4 peole sitting iside :D and poor Simon was a bit too big for it haha XD at the train station I got a free Bubble Tea from Kitai because I gave her a pair of circle lenses dor free o.o I won those with an order a while ago but sadly they are without prescription so I can't use 'em ._. (well I could but I really WON'T use my glasses EVER xD) I still have a grey pair of EOS 3D lenses to give away ¦3~ I think I will also start some kind of sales post.. because I really have to get rid of some stuff xD' Okay that's enough for one entry. Tomorrow I have to open the store by myself .. hopefully there are not that many customers because I have to practice for my japanese test on april 16th~

See ya~ and have a nice easter holiday ♥


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