Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

Hey gaaaals~

Well yeah I'm not dead yet :D but always forgetting about blogging lately ^^' I  have a lot to blog about though... but do you know those moments you want to blog something but thehn doing something different and forget about it? Happens a lot to scatterbrain-me~

BUt I hav sooooo many to talk about *_* >although many other gals already blogged about a few but hell whatever I need to talk about something 2!< I will start with my marvellous and smashing GYARU-SLEEPOVER ... *yaay...* yah what dafuq am I talking about right? Alrighty then :D

I don't know if I mentioned this before but right next to the house my family owns there was an old lady living.. she passed away a few years ago an her house was empty and got wrecked by the time being. One day they decided to sell the house & my grandparents decided to get it xD I don't know what the actual price was but it doesn't matter anyway, they just got the house and land~ (grandma said it was meant for me... but mommy said it's because they didn't want strange people to move in... well whatever)

I also made a few pics over the week :3 1: Me without makeup
*ohmy* but when going out on a doggy-walk dressing up is
kinda.. pointless 2: my doggyyyyy ♥ 3: random pic in the
morning while breakfast
That story aside we now own a completely restored house with noone living inside. That's when my mom had the brilliant idea: why not doing a sleepover with all those girls I can't see often, because they are living so far away. I was like: YEAH! So I asked everyone and we planned a Sleepover in July :3My parents and grandparents were away the whole week befor that weekend so I moved in for this time to take care of my doggy ♥

Alright, back to the sleepover:

We were 9 girls at the first day but sadly Kate had to leave early on saturday ;; .... but it was a great time ^__^ Kate was the first one, she arrived at 5 o'clock on friday so we had some time getting drinks and some stuff... the other girls arrived around 8/9 except for Riina and Amanda, they wanted to get there by car.
We ordered pizza and talked/laughed/had fun~

On saturday we went to the "Loop5" which is a mall... somewhat inspired by the american malls but not thaaat great :D well ORIGINALLY we wanted to get some cheap clip-in hair for Kitai because she forgot hers at home *dramaaaaa xD* but we got... makeup at the "Kiko" Shop *saaale* and looked for accessoires at "Bijou Bridgitte" I even found an usamimi with chain-print.. it lookes so like Ma*rs ♥ but sadly the wire inside isn't that strong, it keeps falling of my head D: well at LEAST we managed to make a few pics in front of the Loop5 and I'm looking surprisingly good.. well not that great though I only managed to clip my extents in later in the evening so I'm looking quite normal beneath the others~
You can also see a bit of one of my decorations I prepared for our sleepover :3 Idecorated everything in piiink ♥ the plates, the cups and even tried to make a nice wall we could use for making pics~ *well I don't own a purikura machine :D*

Later my boyfriend and 2 friends of mine joined us and we had a barbeque~ somehow I was driving around the whole time because everyone had spial wishes for food or drinks~ but all in all it was fun xD

Some gals dressed up as Manba on that day.. because of the "international Manba day".. not my style so I didn't want to do it my bf was shocked :D the all left on sunday around 12 o'clock and I had a LOT to do, cleaning up our "guesthouse" :3 but my family came back in the evening so I had to get all the stuff ready xD.. guess what? A pic of our sleepover got into those "gyaru secret" community... I laughed hard, they just HAD to take a pic where Kitai wasn't wearing any gyaru-like Make (because she had an inflammation of her middle ear) and me looking ridiculous out of place because ramona was sitting in front of me and just when the pic was taken I kneeled way to down xD

Just to mention for the end of this entry: I ordered some makeup from ichibankao and waited the whole week for it (hoping it would arrive until weekend... but yah.. it didn't >_>) guess when it got there? Tuesday after the sleepover *groar* I will show you what I got over this whole time of not-blogging in my next entry ;) *hopefully hahaha*

See ya sweeties ♥
(have you noticed my new layout? xD the last one was way to depressing so I wanted a new one :D what do you think? <3)