Montag, 19. März 2012

Heyaaa XD~
I know I'm late bla~ but I didn't get the pics from my dad yet so I can't blog about our skiing holiday ;O; but well thought I should at least blog SOMETHING XD

Okay guess whats tomorrow? ... It's my birthday yaaaaaaaaaay I'm turning 23 y_y and because of that my boyfriend went to Heidelberg city with me to get me a birthday present :3. Well he told me that I have to come WITH him because he can't decide on his own... well I understood because we went to a sports shop to get me new Inline Skates ♥ and yaaay I saw a pair I wanted last year but I didn't want to spend 160€ for those ö_ö but heeey they were reduced ♥ ♥ he only paid 75€ and there was one pair left in my size :3

Also, ... ever since this MMORPG Star Wars The Old Republic came out all of my boyfriends colleagues talk about it all day and we finally tested it this weekend because it was some kind of testing we so we were able to play for free until we reached lvl 15~ it was fun and we wanted to play more xD that's why I went to Heidelberg today again to get 2 Games and 2 Game Cards :'D nerdynerdytimes♥

Okay what else? Ah yeah.. I was sooooo totally pissed yesterday ;O;~
we were cleaning our apartment (spring cleaning haha XD) and when I was in the bathroom I dropped my Dolly Wink Eyeliner *buwäääääääh* (YxY) only one color broke but it was the one I usually use over my whole eyelid *grrrrrr*
well because I was at the city already I went to Douglas to look for an eyeshadow and guess what? It was the first time I got an absolutely competent shop assistent ^-^ I showed her my eyeshadow (or at least what was left xD) and she got me a color which just matches PERFECTLY O___O the shade is nearly the same.. on the eye you will not even recognize the difference and even on the skin in the light you couldn't really figure out that it wasn't actually the Dolly Wink one ^_^. The one I got is number 22 from ArtDeco ♥ ♥ maybe I can get the other shades of the Dolly Wink Set too then I wouldn't have to get it from japan (which can get quite expensive because our customs don't really like me <.<~ [but my money lol xD])
I have no idea what I did but somehow the background turned out like this XD I wanted it white but hey looks cool  XD~ Sadly the pics don't really show the similarity ot the colors T_T
Then I walked happily to pay  my stuff and got a perfume tester, as usual ^^. At home I got it out of the bag to see what it is and wheee it's "Bambi" from Disney ♥ I was quite surprised because I reaaaally love Bambi and what a coincidence that is.. but then I realized something: I was wearing my Bambi Brown Circle Lenses XDDD~ so I think the woman there put it inside because I really have some Bambi-like eyes with those *laughing so hard* my natural eyes are quite huge already so with the lenses I really am a Bambi :'D but it's sooo cute and the scent is also very nice *-* I'm thinking on getting it when I finally have a bit money left y_y'
Speaking of money I'm totally out of it right now xD' we will fly to Egypt in april with my boyfriends family and thats about 700€ I've to pay *cries quietly* so my money put aside is gone *pouf* D: I'm so looking forward to september y_y about then I will get my first money from my new apprenticeship yay finally earning more money XD

Okay that's it for today... well I wrote a lot thinking that I didn't know what I should write in the beginning *hahaha* okay gals have a nice whatever ♥


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