Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Hi みんな♥♥

One  last post before I'm finally gettin' ready to go on holidays ;)

Yesterday I met up with my best friend Michi ♥ we wanted to see our schools we will attend starting August and September (we both start a new apprenticeship training position~) so we went to Mannheim city. I had to go there by tram because my car makes funny things lately o.o'

As always when we meet up in the city we walk through all the shops there xD and get some stuff ♥ normally I spend way more money than here but this time she spent more ^^ I only got me a few things
I really like the bow hair accessoire its sooo cute *-* (and only 3€ ♥). I got a discount on the earrings on the left because one was missing and it was the last piece  paid 7€ for it :3 and there are so many pairs ♥ and I really wanted the other earrings too... I needed some new ones for my extra holes (I only wear big earrings in the first holes and small pins in the others). All were o sale except for the necklace from SIX ♥ I'm so in love with the bow-heart-pearl-eiffel tower combination ♥ ♥I also got me a leo dress which I didn't make a photograph of yet.. maybe I will post it sometime in the future as an outfit or so.

Also yesterday, I got my mukuchu order (somehow..) sadly there was quite a mess with my order ._.  I ordered a pair of adult blue and one of E-301 (I have no idea whjat the actual name of these is ^^). EOS had some sending issues and we had to wait a long time for our batch. When the lenses finally arrived my brown ones were damaged and had to be send back y_y' because of this I had lot of email contact with the Mukuchu Owner XD. They said I will get an extra Fox Tail for the wait. Well... when I  checked a review Video on their page in december I noticed that I ALSO win in the give away they held in september ( I bought a cute lense case so I entered the giveaway automatically.

I won two extra pairs of lenses ♥ and another lens case X3 I was really freakin out  ♥ but sadly they are without prescription so it seems I have to think on how I can use them~ I got one violet and one gray pair of the 3D series :3 they look so great *_* here's a pic of my new gets ♥
On the left is my lense case I purchased and which got me to win the give away nyahaha ♥ on the right my 3D lenses and the lense case I won. Inside of the pink case are my adult blue lenses. I tried them out yesterday and I was quite AMAZED ♥
with flash, sorry it's blurry >.< but I had some probs with my cam~ I also have pic when we were inside the tram but it's also with flash because we didn't have good weather ._. very cloudy a.s.o. I will make better pics of them when we have sunny days again!

Like I said we originally went into the city because we wanted to see our schools so here's mine:
I LOVE all those old buildings in Heidelberg and Mannheim ♥ (I'm a lot into architecture :3 it was also my favorite theme in advanced art classes back in school) right next to the school there is a museum for archaeology ♥ (I studied 2 terms of classical archaeology so I'm really into those stuff xD) but the best part of it is: Our schools are not far from each other and when we meet in the middle we are at the shopping street XD~ I'm looking forward to start working in August~ but I think my first time at school will be in 2013.. the people at my workplace told me that I won't have school classes in the first half of my first year there *firstfirst*

We ate at "Vapiano" which is somekind of an italian restaurant, but you get the food yourself like in Mc Donalds and such fast food things.. but it's SO DELICIOUS <3 just like a "normal" italian restaurant! And after this I bought a pink dounut muhaha ♥ it's piiink... REALLY sweet x_x and tastes quite chemical.. sadly xD' but well it was kind of delicious :'D
So that's it for my last post for now! I will blog again after I come back from skiing ♥ maybe with a video and LOTS of pics ♥ now I will get my stuff together because my parents will pick us up tomorrow at 7 AM and I think we have to drive about 7 hours or something like that *sighs* thanks for reading and here's a last pic of me and the gorgeous lion infront of my school XD~ and with michi (don't mind me I looked so fucked up yesterday y_y') okay seeee yaaaa ♥ ♥

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Kaddy said...

omg du hast aber einen süßen blog :DD werd mal öfter hier vorbei luschern :DD
das iphone case hat übrigens tatsächlich einen reisverschluss. eig ist dieses case ein bissel wie diese handysocken. man kann das iphone da gut drin einpacken. für make up ist das glaub ich etwas zu klein :D
lg kaddy

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