Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Hi everyone :)

ooooh it's soooooo frustrating >0< ! .. I was out for lets say... 3 hours today because of work and what happend? The postman was here *eeeep* .. normally they bring all packages in the afternoon like 4 o'clock or so but TODAY? grrr.... I think inside the package is my order from mukuchu ♥ I waited quite a time for it ._.'

Talking of work.. we had some customers today, that was a bit surprising. Today there is a carnival parade in Heidelberg and because of this we only opened the stop for 4 hours and I worked from 10 to 1 o'clock. Somehow many japanese people were in the city today o.o we saw like... 4 pairs of 'em making photographs in front of our shop XD~ (there is a branch bank on the other side...) there are a lot of old buildings there but for real... a BRANCH BANK? ._. But I had some time so I made a few photographs XD

Because of carnival I brought bunny ears with me to work :'D one of our customers was totally distracted from it *laughing hard* maybe that was also because of my Outfit... the people of Heidelberg are kinda... snobby >_>' so they are not so openminded! but em... THAT one was more... mesmerized XD well he was a man and I wore hotpants with leopard-net stockings and furry High Heels. (I think it was quite a normal Outfit but like I said... people here are harder to deal with than in my hometown...)

Somehow I'm a double Bunny on those pics öô' wearing those carnival bunny ears and my usamimi I found @Pimkie :'D. And I sooo love those lenses ♥ they are Apple Green of the Princess Mimi Series ^-^ I have middle to dark brown eyes so I'm quite pleased with the color!

I own 4 pairs of circle lenses yet I only tried 3 of 'em on. The Princess Mimi Apple Green, GEO Super Size Angel Brown, GEO Angel Blue and GEO Angel Violet which I didn't test yet. The GEO Angel blue ones look kinda creepy y__Y' my boyfriend said I looked like some kind of Manga Zombie >_>' they let my eyes seem more purple~blackish but not blue y_y' I think they are better for bright eyes. That's the reason why I didn't test the purple ones... I think it might be the same xD' maybe I will just resell them ._. . If anyone of you is interested... just contact me

Also: I'm soooo happy I got another Liz Lisa Item I wanted. (I wanted that one soooo badly >.<) it's a  white top:  *click me* I saw that pic on the net and was like whaaaaaaaat a cuuuute outfit!! WANTWANTWANT O____O .... well it SEEMS like the one ON this pic is also the one who sold me the top XD~ I also got the matching white legwarmers :3 sadly the legwarmes are not real Liz Lisa but an imitation but... they were only 10$ so that's fine with me XD~ and the top seems to be authentic *-* I'm sooo happy <3 I also killed some time these days reading some "Gyaru Secrets" and ohmygosh they are soooo bitching against each other o_O' that's kinda scary XD ... yah.. women ARE scary :'D (oh just thought: I look soo... derp in the 2nd pic XD~) I will never understand how some of those secrets even get attention of those who they are about...

Hey that makes my 3rd post here :'D *is so proud of herself hahaha* and I was WAY to happy when I saw that I got 2 followers *giggles* I mean I was laying in the bed checking on blogger and then *squeals* uuuuh somebody follows my blog */squeals* my bf looked like that: "(O______O) WTF?!" Hahaha yah I know getting to excited about it xD Okay at last I want to share a pic proving that we were soooooo not hard working~

Okay that's it for today ♥ see ya!!!

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Kaddy said...

hey vielen dank für dein kommi :D
ahh nein ich bin dir doch nicht böse :D
guck mal jetzt hab ich wieder was dazu gelernt xD bin froh wenn man mich auf die fehler aufmerksam macht sonst kann ich mich ja nich verbessern und schreibs das nächste mal wieder so xD
ich wünsch dir nen schönen abend ;D
lg kaddy

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