Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Heyouuuu~ ♥

Just came home.. finally WEEKEND x_x
I had to work nearly everyday this week! I'm working part-time at a t-shirt shop and it's really boooring right now. Since it was f**ing cold nobody wanted to shop and without work time passes verrrry slowly. The job there is not really fun and the only reason I'm still there is that I need the money so I can buy stuff! Also the regular staff is somewhat.. bitchy on some days. We can't really tell what's going on in their minds..

But from time to time it's also great to work in a t-shirt print shop! Like.. when I design my own shirts ♥ I already got myself some things. If anyone wants one.. your welcome to write an email or sth ;)

*can't find card-reader... waaaah Q_Q... ah THERE!* sou:

As you MAY notice I like bright colors and MLP prints :'D. I also made a LizLisa print ♥ but unfortunately I can't show it to you right now... it's in my suitcase on it's way to austria XD'
I also made quite a few prints for my family and my boyfriend, if you are creativ the possibilities are nearly ENDLESS ♥

Talking about MLP prints, I want to talk about some other things concerning my favourites!
I just LOVE MLP and the new series they aired "My little Pony - Friendship is magic" it may seem like a very childish show but some jokes are quite heavy... well, at least thats what I think. I also bought a bunch of MLP stuff for myself :'D. My boyfriend absolutely HATES it.. but well... that's what I am <3' and he respects it... well... at least he tolerates 4 Ponies to be shown in public :'D (... well well well well well~ (°_°) )
Beware >> PONY MADNESS<< incoming

These are the 5 Ponies I have... OFFICIALLY XD

*takes a deeeeep breath*

A Celestia Totebag - Bucket & tiny notebook - pens ♥

The small collection notes from every version I have.. there are all numbers of the blindbag ponies inside ^_^ *proud* and the bags with cards of my collected ponies xD'

I *pimped* my Kanji and Vocabulary books :'D

Some stickers ~♫

Season 3 & 3.5 Blind Bag Ponies ♥

Older toy ponies.. "Ponyville Series" (if anyone wants 'em I'm planning on selling those 2 as I don't like 'em that much ._.') and my Season 4 & 4.5 Blind Bag Ponies ♥ (yah I have 2 Fluttershys and 2 Raritys xD') want the stallion of the new Gen. 4 Bags *_*' but wasn't out to check on those yet...
Sweetie Belle ♥♥ a Cupcake Pony I just HAD to buy because... well it's a CUPCAKE PONY ♥ aaand I found the last one on a flea market in the netherlands.. I HAD to get this one!!! It's WHITE-PINK and it has STRAWBERRIES ♥ ♥ ♥ (it's obvious right? RIGHT?? <3)

My super-duper-fluffy blanket ♥

aaand last-but-not-least


Okay that's it for today... I just had to ponyroll on you :P and now you MAY understand why my boyfriend is so.... stressed from my ponytastic love? <3
Have a good night everyone ♥
(changed my profile pic... nose... nose... damn I hate that nose y_y)


Anonym said...

my little ponies are so cute! can't wait to see your liz lisa print!

Fuyugiri said...

Danke fürs Kommi * . *
Wenn du magst trag dich bei mir als Leser ein. Ich werde mich jetzt auch bei dir eintragen :D
Ich liebe dieses miniaturhafte mit den Schriften zB! <33


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