Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Hi everyone!!

I finally got myself up to get my blog or page back online... I planned it a while ago but well... XD sadly I'm a lazy one and never happy with my design outcomes that's why the page was delayed for such a long time ._.' Well at least it's ready now and just a few things left to do.. I ordered a domain which should be ready in a couple of days I think that's the last thing I had to do about all this.

Ok starting the normal blogpostthingy now :D
I know there are not many people reading this out there but yeah... like I care >D Hopefully you like my new "Face" and get interested in reading my blog posts ^.^ It happend a lot since I got my page "on hiatus" so one day I decided it would be nice to get back ;)

First of all I want to suggest my 2 favourite blog sites on the web 2 you!

I enjoy reading them, time to time good for a laugh and they are such cute people =). I personally am a more silent reader so noone noticed me reading the blogs before~ but the themes are always interesting and Kaddys Outfits are soooo cute >//< *so really envious of her eyes though!!*

Ok back from online-massacres and to my life again *boooriiing :D*
Life gone quite fishy these last months and a lot happend ^_^' right now I'm still a university student fighting with mathematics and computer sciece but I will drop out of my studies this year in august! Why? Well.... it's so damn hard to study those majors! I'm not the only one, since my first term as a maths student I think about 50% of all students gave up. (And we're just in our 3rd term right now..)

What do you think about changing plans again after having studied a while now? I got a lot of different opinions about that.

2012 will be a year of new starts for me I'm looking forward 2 it.

Today we sent our suitcases to Austria~ we will go skiing with my parents next week and don't have enough space in our car to fit in 4 suitcases and all of my family's skiing stuff.
It was SUCH a pain with sending them -.-' we wanted to use the DHL services because that's the usual postal service for us. But they are so.. dumb -.- at the servicepoint they told us that's it not possible to send the suitcases to other countrys but everytime we asked at the hotline THEY told us it's nor problem at all... come on what's with this?!
Well after a long time of quarreling with those people we decided to use a different service which is JUST for sending suitcases all over the world (kinda XD). They came to our apartment today, got the suitcases and hopefully will bring them 2 us next week in Austria.

I really hope things will work out,, since I have a absolutely new skiing outfit in there ._.

Alright that's enough writing for my first post here I apologize for all grammar mistakes and mixing up between british and american english... it has been a while now that I had advanced classes at school and I'm not often using english now... (well I really do understand everything as I'm fluent but... writing and speaking is some other thing to tell...) Everyone who wanna know:
you can ask me in questions in english, german (mouther tounge), french and japanese.. I will try to answer  .. but beware: has been a while with french for me and I only started learning japanese 1 1/2 years ago so I'm not THAT good yet XD

See you soon ♥ 

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Fuyugiri said...

uhhn ur blogdesign is rly great!! this scrollbar on the entry is so nice, I wish could have this too! :3


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