Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Hello world~ X3

yah it's been a while since my last blogpost (even if I don't have that many followers yet I still feel sorry for not posting anything ^_^') I never posted anything about my skiing holiday either.. such a shame y_y' I will have to make a big blogentry all about those stuff I forgot..

You you know this problem? Everytime something happens you could blog about you forget about it because you wanna do it 'later'.. gnargh~ well for the moment I wanna tell you a bit about my shopping hauls these weeks ♥ also: since the summer term started I'm taking japanese classes again.. sadly thre were not enough people for the next course that's why I repeat the same one as last term just for practice >>'you really get out of a language if you don't do anything about it! (that's why my french is horrible right now since I forgot most of the vocabulary a.s.o ...) also my english skills lack a bit I'm sorry for that sometimes that's quite embarrassing v////v

Ok right to my hauls I did~
really I originally planned to save some money XD because of our holiday in egypt I'm totally broke.. but well I'm a girl u know? ;D Also GyaruComSales keeps nagging me with so many beautiful things >_< (I'm sooo into Ma*rs and D.I.A stuff and those things are quite expensive as most of u may know ;D) but I also got some stuff I really needed (for real!) I went shopping with my mom and her 2 sisters (so my aunts) and got me 2 blouses for work~ (well I'm starting as an apprentice at a life insurance company, I need to dress more elegant there) it's such a pain for me to find blouses that fit me right and don't make me look like a pornstar~

I'm kinda busty but also have a slender body so I usually am a german Size 36 (S) or sometimes even 34(XS) but with my bust it doesn't fit into 38(M~L) sometimes XD' this keeps bugging me but my boyfriend loves it... yah well :'D at least I could find 2 and was happy about that ^-^ (it usually get's really expensive when mom and me are going to shop... but the last times I was a nice and modest daughter :D daddy likes that XD~

after that I ordered some new circle lenses from geolensbeauty[dot]com... they had a discount on all those lenses so I had to get me some... I ordered the princess mimi aka bambi series in sesame grey and brown (I already own the apple green ones and just looove them sooo much) and also one out of the magic circle series which contain only a black circle on the lenses without any extra color... I'm curious how it will come out on my eyes as they ar a quite middle dark bambi brown...

Then I got my first own and original Ma*rs top *-* it's just soooo wondeful!!!

Even my boyfriend said he likes it.. but only when I bond it on the back... he's not so into those big ribbon style stuff XD~ I like it either way but since it's originally made for not so busty japanese woman it's a bit tricky to wear... I have to hide the stisting below the bust because it's a made a bit to small... but nothing bad it still fits me good... my boobs should not get bigger though XD

the best thing that happened to me these days was also that a girl of the GGL forum sold her Ma*rs leather jacket *__* I reeeeeally needed a new leather jacket! My white one is kinda ol and starts to break ;_; I love it so much but couldn't find a good replacement y_y but now she sold the Ma*rs one and I was like: THAT'S SO FUCKIN' MINE! XDDD

It's black and has a nice leopard print with roses inside *-* (which is one of my fabourite prints of Ma*rs!

I was also able to get my heart mules from customs ^-^ the black ones with a ribbon on top in size LL (I'm such a lucky girl as I fit into the japanese sizes >.< they are not made for big european girls but I can take LL and even L fits me but very tight ^^' (my LizLisa boots are L though) when I ordered my heart mules my BF was like: why do you order everything from Japan aso?? Why not get those things from germany?! And I was like: Well you CAN'T get those here >_>' true story but when I went to the city with my parents guess what I found???? HEART MULES XDDD not as beautiful as the Yumetenbou ones! But hell I was so surprised XD and got me the white ones~ can't give a pic from those right now as I can't find my cam and Im truly to lazy to get some :D (at least I'm honest :D)

The last thing I got was to satisfy my nerdy side ^-^
At th 14th of may Diablo 3 was released and well... at first I was like: DAFUG I will spend 60€ for this game -.-'... my BF got it for free because of some special aying process he made for his world of warcraft account.. a friend of us gave me a guest pass then and I tested it... well what should I say? The day after that I went to the city and got it XD
I couldn't resist XD
Okay enough for the shopping haul :'D I save some money beside this! RELLY!! XD Also I'm really looking forward to my new job in august ^-^ (I'm glad I will get more money then y.y (all-the-time-broke-university-student) I'm trying to get a few pics of our holidays and hopefully can make a big post about it >_>

Ah one last thing~ there was a really funny scene in our forum XD~ Kitai wanted to get a special lipgloss from "Manhattan" it's a promo color and every store had only 3 of it... well it started a huge searching thing and everyone tried to find this shitty lipgloss xDD I finally got it for her in a part of Mannheim were my best friend lives (later I found out that our local drugstore had them 2 >>) LUCKY! :D

That's all for today hopefully I can write more interesting things in the next entrys :P (and post more of 'em).. you bet how many mistakes I made in this post?? oO My nails are a bit too long now so I often type 2 letters at once XD I need to get them made soon!! >Q<

See ya all and thanks for reading dears ♥


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